Rio On Location: the Selarón Staircase in The Incredible Hulk

Credits: Universal Pictures

In “The Incredible Hulk” (2008) Doctor Bruce Banner, better known by set jetters and Marvel comic book readers as Hulk, leaves the neighborhood of Santa Teresa by descending the Selarón Staircase, composed of the most colorful, international and famous steps in Rio. Banner is headed for the Rickyson  Gracie martial arts school, where he takes classes on learning to control the anger that transforms him into the terrifying green monster.

Photo: Fran Mateus

The Selarón staircase marks the limit between Santa Teresa and Lapa. People from all over the world go there to see the curious work made by the Chilean artist, Jorge Selarón. Its 215 steps are covered in a tile mosaic of a multitude of colors, brought from all over the world – most of them were donated to him. The work began in 1990 and Selarón stated that it would only be done on the day he died, which means that the emblematic staircase was concluded on January 10, 203 (Rua Teotônio Regadas).



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